Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shine, Coconut Moon

Neesha Meminger is the talented author of her debut novel Shine, Coconut Moon. Her book explores the importance of family and culture, a rare find these days. I laughed and cried but most importantly her book shines a light on the importance of embracing your own culture. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

A review by Publisher’s Weekly, "Debut novelist Meminger raises complex questions of identity, but avoids moralizing or spelling out answers for readers, who will likely be hooked as Samar takes a second look at her relationships with her boyfriend, friends and family, while seeking a better understanding of herself."

I had the honor of making a custom necklace for Neesha Meminger to wear for her book launch. I am thrilled to be a part of such an extraordinary experience. I created the necklace using onyx and moonstone beads, a personal pick by Neesha. According to gem-therapy, onyx gives us power, strength, protection and stability during stressful situations. They also keep away negative influences and balances our body and soul. Moonstone gems transmit harmony and stability and promote intuition and sensitiveness. These wonderful little gems not only help harmonize our body and mind but they also look fabulous together. I added the leaf charm because it signifies happiness and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In honor of Neesha Meminger's first novel, the necklace is called "Shine, Cocunut Moon".

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Neesha Meminger during the night of her book launch. Not only is she a beautiful and intelligent woman, she also emits a very warm, strong and vibrant energy. I was so touched and proud to see her wear the necklace on her very special night!

You can expect to hear much more of the talented Neesha Meminger! As for now, be sure to read her book and check out her website and her blog. You can also follow her on facebook, twitter and myspace!


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL MSG... i CANT Wait to read the book and I also like the name of the necklace. SO many great things packed in one place....

Rajee said...

Love to try.