Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

I’ve been asked by several people on how to clean their sterling silver jewelry so I decided to post a tutorial. With pictures! In case you are also wondering how to clean your sterling silver, check out my really quick and easy instructions below.

This old folks’ tip that has been around for quite a while. My great-grandmother has been using this little trick for ages and so have my grandmother, mother and aunts who love jewelry, especially sterling silver.

All you need are five things:

1) Boiling hot water

2) Baking soda

3) Aluminum tray

4) Cloth

5) Toothbrush (optional for brushing jewelry)

Here are the 10 fun and easy steps:

Step 1: Boil a cup of water.

Step 2: Find an aluminum tray. (I found my aluminum tray stored in my oven)

Step 3: Lay out your sterling silver jewelry on aluminum tray.

Step 4: Pour baking soda over your jewelry. (I like to cover my jewelry with the baking soda, although that is not necessary. You can just put some on or around the jewelry and it’ll work just as well)

Step 5: Pour hot water (make sure it’s boiling hot!) over the jewelry and baking soda and pour enough so that the water rises above the jewelry. (There will be a slight sulfur-smell and steam will rise. Do not breathe in the steam because the aluminum, baking soda and hot water create a chemical. You don’t want toxins in your body!)

Step 6: The reaction is quite quick but I usually wait 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 7: Have fun watching the oxidation disappear.

Step 8: Your jewelry will feel a bit slimy because of the baking soda so you’ll have to rinse it in cool water and make sure all the baking soda residue or ‘slime’ is washed away. (You may use the toothbrush to brush your jewelry)

Step 9: Pat your jewelry dry with a cloth.

Step 10: Enjoy the brand new shine!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Matching 'Hope' Earrings

I've noticed lately that my necklace 'Hope I' has done quite nicely with the ladies of LeliMelo. I'm thrilled because 'Hope I' is one of my favorite necklaces that I wear often. It's simple, unique, quirky and the colors are so...hopeful! A light shade of blue aquamarine and little peridot stones to complement. I decided to make matching earrings and named it 'Hope II'.

Hope-fully the earrings will be just as popular as its sister necklace! I hope you all had a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween last Friday. I sent out a 20% Halloween discount to my newsletter subscribers which proved to be quite popular. In case you haven't yet, you can still sign up for my free newsletter and receive a 20% Halloween discount, it ends this Friday. I'll be sending out more discounts for the future Holidays to come, so stay tuned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

LeliMelo Supports Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon

I came across a few new blogs a few weeks ago and have been a faithful reader because of the content and, quite honestly, the beautiful layouts are aesthetically pleasing. One of the blogs that I'd like to point out is called 'Tip Junkie', written by Laurie. The blog is adorable and entertaining and such a joy to read. Laurie promotes mothers who run their own businesses and for this 2008 Holiday, the blog is encouraging all family and friends to buy from the hand-made stores listed on the site.

I am not a mom, but I do run my own handmade jewelry business and I know that it's a tough job to be a one-woman-show. I can only begin to imagine what it's like to run a business and have a family to tend to. My mom started her own company with my dad and it's quite successful now, but my parents worked extremely hard to get where they are now. It must have been hard for my mom because she also had three children and her own sisters to look out for, but she managed everything so well.

I truly believe in Tip Junkie's message about supporting women and because of that, I have signed up to be a part of the hand-made holiday list. So check out the site, have a look around and support women! Thank you!